Your Meal Plan: Is Simpler Better?

Simple Meal Plan

Meal planning can be a simple task when basic recipes are repeated each week or month. To the adventurous cook, planning  could be a complex process with new and exciting meals each day. Either way, planning meals ahead of time will save you money, time, energy and give you peace of mind. You can save even more by using some of the following tips and tricks.

There was a book written that suggested:

Wash on Monday        Iron on Tuesday     Mend on Wednesday
Market on Thursday   Clean on Friday      Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday

So my daughter Becky suggested that we could make a simple planner that follows the same idea:

Pasta Wednesdays.

Pasta Tuesdays.


Stir-Fry Mondays

Roasting Sundays

Roasting Sundays

picof tacos

Taco Fridays

Breakfast Thursdays

Breakfast Thursdays

Soup 'N San Wednesdays

S ‘N S Wednesdays

pic of pizza

Pizza Saturdays


By using this system, The entire family can cook and bake food on Sunday. Then it’s so easy to bag the planned-overs to use throughout the week.

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