Why Not Have Breakfast For Dinner?

Breakfast Dinner   By Don R

picture of waffle

Waffles can be served with nutritious fruit and veggie smoothies for dinner.

When making your weekly or monthly meal plans, it makes sense to include a couple of breakfast meals. Serving breakfast does not mean it needs to include greasy meat or processed cereals. there are other options that you can consider. Our children loved the idea of cooking breakfast for dinner and were eager to help. Here a few reasons why:

Serve breakfast at dinnertime because:

  • Breakfasts are usually simple fare and take just a few ingredients.
  • Cooking toast, omelets, waffles, oatmeal and biscuits are quick and easy.
  • These meals can be budget-friendly.
  • Younger family members can help.
  • They just plain taste great!.

We all deserve a break once in a while and breakfasts are  easy to cook it may seem like a night off. If you really want a reprieve from cooking and cleaning up, make french toast, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, steel cut oats or coffee cake ahead of time and freeze. Simply reheat in a toaster, oven, fry pan or microwave. Add sliced deli ham, all natural juice, fruity yogurt, or microwave hash browns to complete the meal. 

For clean up, place soapy hot water in a pan and rinse water in another. Everyone does their own dishes.

picture of a skillet breakfast

Skillet breakfast.

Another way to have an easy night is to throw tater tots in a casserole dish, mix in chopped ham or sausage, and spread canned white sauce over the top. When ready to cook, preheat oven and bake for about 30 min 325°F. Break open 6 eggs and place on top. Place covered back into the oven and cook until eggs are poached. now you have only 1 casserole dish to clean. Another option is to cook it all in a 1 skillet meal

My daughter Rebecca  has a breakfast dinner once a week on Thursdays. Her family looks forward to this event.. 

For those of you who are diligent about eating lots of vegetables, substitute sweet potatoes for tater tots, add spinach, summer squash. green onions, mushrooms, tomatoes or corn to pack in those vegetables. Oh, they taste great too! Then top the dinner off with some type of whole wheat toast, a green smoothie or vegetable juice.

If you want to try  something interesting,  go to an article by Huffington Post. Ten unique recipes are described as “breakfast comfort foods”  I have tested two and found them to be sweet, delicious and comfortable.