Who Said You Can’t Host A Cook-In? Not Me!

By DonR  12-20-2014


Peeling apples can be fun when making pies with friends.

Peeling apples can be fun when making pies with friends.

When I ask people if they would like to host a cook-in, I’ve heard “I don’t have the knowledge (substitute skill, experience, ability, time,  expertise,  training).” Actually anyone can host a Cook-In with the understanding that they do not need to lead it. Here are more ideas for hosting one and picking out leaders:

After leading crock-pot meals classes at the senior center and basic cooking classes at the food bank, I’ve come to realize that cooking for a family is not rocket science. Nor do you need a college degree to host a kitchen full of average adults.  In each class there were plenty of people who already knew how to cook.   Therefore, hosting is merely providing a place to cook, tools  and a few recipes to use. The group will bring ingredients and do the rest. So, what does the host do? See:  Hosting your first cook in: make simple pies

If you are still unsure about hosting an event, here are more ideas:

  • Identify an acquaintance who has a special recipe and see if he/she will show some friends how to prepare it. Now you have your leader(s).
  • Invite others with cooking experience to support the leaders
  • Check out a few cookbooks to complement the recipes you will use,
  • Browse through the cookbooks and write down a few discussion questions.
  • Reserve a kitchen that has tables where everyone can sit comfortably and share ideas.
  • Have a nice gift or card ready to thank the leaders.

PR Tip: When asking someone to lead, be sure to be gracious and accept their ideas as best you can.


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