We Have No “Do Not Eat List”: But Think Twice At Malls.

Think Twice At Malls. by Don R

Weight watchers and dietitians generally agree that “Do not eat lists” act like red flags to a bull. Of course, we all indulge ourselves once in a while.  Even my daughter, who is a macrobiotic instructor, will succumb to sugar-packed cookies once in a while. But it seems like food vendors at malls compete with each other to offer the most decadent foods on the planet as described in “The Daily Meal.’

Today’s article in The Daily Meal “The Unhealthiest Foods in the Food Court” reminded me that It’s common to look at vendor’s nutritional information and see items with 75 grams of fat. Healthy diets allow for about 25 grams per day. So we are recommending that when you feel the urge to splurge, just cut back on other high calorie foods later in the day. Try to achieve balance in your weekly food choices.

kojoFortunately, our local mall has two vendors offering quality steamed or grilled food. Kojo of Japan and the Mongolian Grill cook vegetables and lean meat while you watch. With a side of steamed rice, the meal is a good choice for people on the go.

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