Local Farms

Local Farms and Farmer’s Markets – Click on these links and be amazed at how easy it is to find farms and markets in your area. Doesn’t it make more sense to keep money circulating in your local community? Think about the cost involved in transporting imported farm products. Or yet, do you really know how or when the imported goods were grown and processed? When you get produce, eggs, and meat from local farmers you are assured of the quality of the food. Just FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Local Farms and farmer’s Markets:

  • logo Want to help local farmers and eat healthy? Visit the Localharvest website to get information on farms in your area. They have an amazing interactive map of the US that pinpoints local farm locations, information on their products and contact information. It’s an incredible site that supports the small family farmers. Please encourage local agricultural efforts by visiting them on their farm or at your local Farmer’s Market on a regular basis.
  • EAT WILD This site leads you to United States’ families growing beef, eggs, poultry, goats, dairy products and hogs. Each farm lists their standards (organic, all-natural etc) but all are listed as naturally grown on open range without the use of hormones or antibiotics. You can expect to pay a little more but price is outweighed when comparing nutritional value and supporting the small family farmers.
  • USDA FARMER’S MARKETS Find your local farmer’s markets. The USDA maintains this easy-to-use data base through their Agriculture Marketing Service. You’ll not only find information but they offer a map to get there. How about supporting local farmers and have an enjoyable family event. Most markets also have food booths.
  • NATIONAL FARMERS MARKET DIRECTORY The NFMD maintains a data base searchable by state, zip or name to help connect growers, vendors & various small businesses with consumers in their own local community.
  • SUSTAINABLE CONNECTIONS Is a unique organization in Whatcom County, WA dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly farming and manufacturing practices in our county. This link takes you to their “Farm Finder” with a list of farms using sustainable farming practices.

An excellent article “A Conservative’s Case for Farmers’ Markets” by Danielle gives us yet one more example of Americans supporting local formers. For those not familiar with “farmer’s boxes” your family can contract with a local farmer to receive a box full of a growers product each week during the growing season. Box contents vary according to the time of year and the farmer’s specialty, but you can expect a variety of fresh, wholesome food each week. Visit localHarvest for CSA farms near you.

Products Made in America by Americans

motorcycleEach link in this section takes you to stores that sell thousands of goods – all made in America. Expect to find everything from clothing & dry goods to kitchen and shop tools. Please understand that some stores offer only 100% US made goods while others offer products with some foreign parts and assembled in the USA. We try to distinguish between them as you read the “fine print”.

Links to American Goods and Services

logoStill Made in USA is one of the best sites providing links to products, stores and manufacturers verified as offering goods made in America. Stephanie started this site in 2004 and has single-handedly expanded it. It is organized by products and geographical location. We found stores in our area offering only products made in our state (awesome!). I tried to blog on her site and found that she has move it to Facebook with the same title. Well worth a visit!

New York Times-automobiles This links to a year old article listing which cars are made in the USA. Even though parts for some (many?) are imported, the assembly labor is done by US workers. I was surprised to learn that even KIA has a model made in the USA.

logoMade in USA offers a product search engine and data base. Included are listings of websites selling products made in America. “Patriots begin their shopping here.” Sellers can contact them to include their site on the free registry.

American Made Yes.com has more than 500 links to products made in America. It’s a trustworthy directory and an interesting site. They have researched and go beyond just providing links. For example they listed cars made in US plants and explained how the DOT implements a % rule. Did you know the Ford SUV 2011 is now being made in Chicago? Lots of info at American Made Yes.

logoBuy American.com THIS SITE IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION offers links to hundreds of verified small US businesses. I visited three sites and all were truly grass roots-offering products they make locally-from toys to garden supplies. It is heartening to see so many small businesses cropping up to compete with international corporations!

I Buy US Made directs viewers to businesses selling US-made products. There are links to a wide range of products including clothing and cleaners. They are also promoting a certification process for producers of US goods.

http://www.devvy.com/made_inthe_usa.html Devvy has compiled a list of links to help buyers find goods made in the USA. These sites have not been verified as yet but we will explore them in more depth within the week. As always, if you have deceptive experiences with any of these listed businesses, please contact us.

find usa made logo Find US Made is a comprehensive site where you can browse for thousands of American-made products

http://usamade.wordpress.com/ USA Made is an interesting site with a blog. American goods are categorized and links allow browsers to buy directly from those producers. Some manufacturers are featured with in-depth articles and video interviews.

http://americanmade1.blogspot.com/ offers a categorized List and links to over 500 American companies and brand names. Included are some that have been American icons for years like Zippo, Gaines, Raggedy Ann, Speed Queen and Harley-Davidson, Channel-lock and Anchor Hocking to name just a few. Read about them and get them in local stores. We have not verified that they are still MADE in USA so look on the boxes before buying.

http://www.usab2c.com/ AB2C (America’s Business to Consumers) is an internet mall offering over 6000 US-made products. They claim to be the largest internet provider of US goods. Their search engine suggests they will look for a product they do not carry.

made in usa forever logo MadeInUSAFOREVER is an online store where you can purchase over two thousand American-made products. This site has been the focus of television and radio interviews.

http://www.sierravalleytrading.com/ Sierra Valley Trading Company proudly offers hundreds of items made in the USA. Located in the California Sierras you would expect “country store” supplies- which is true- but they go further by offering Bully Tools, Aero-Tech light bulbs, clothing, home-made jellies and much more.

https://www.saveourcountryfirst.com/ made in America Store is an online retail store featuring products made in America – 100 percent, from product to packaging. The idea has caught on so quickly that they have physical stores and are already in franchising discussions, with visions of having a store in every state. To sell in their stores, certificates of guarantee (100% US made) need to be signed and verified.

https://www.howtobuyamerican.com/store/index.php How to Buy American has three options on its site. You can purchase their book How to Buy American, get their e-letter listing the “nationality”of over 2500 products, or read their interesting news articles pertinent to protecting American jobs. For example, California courts upheld a suit against KwikSet for claiming Made in USA products. Another article announced that Master Lock is considering abandoning their China connection, and a third claims that Mexico is breaking the NAFTA agreement by imposing tariffs on some American products exported into Mexico Interesting to say the least. They also have a list of books on the topics regarding jobs in America and the global economy.

http://www.proudamericantradingpost.com/ Proud American Trading Post is an online store offering a wide variety of products made or assembled in America. They have an application process to verify the Made in US claim. Browse their interesting blog to read about featured US companies and sign up for their Saturday “give-away” .

http://www.nextag.com/buy-made-in-USA/shop-html Nextag is a browser that allows you to compare prices for thousands of products. You can search for products Made In America. Please note that we do not know the criteria used to identify their products as being American Made. We’ll update as we get more information.

http://www.davidmorgan.com/ Davis Morgan is an online store offering hats, Clothing, Jewelry & More. A unique selection of quality items, and have a link to identify Made in the USA products.

http://www.usamade.com/usa_s.htm This site offers a sorted list of products and manufacturers that produce 100% American made products.

chhttp://www.americansworking.com/ This site offers an alphabetical list of products and links you to US companies selling them – assuring that the goods are US Made.

Great American General Store sells a large variety of goods made in the USA. Quality furniture, clothing, health bars and outdoor BBQs are just a few of the hundreds of items they offer. Of interest to me were the fine kitchen tools Made in the USA- usually an item from China, Europe, or Mexico.

Links to American Manufacturers:

http://www.mnistore.com/index.asp?source=II&keyword=General Identify and contact U.S. manufacturers and their decision makers with directories & databases from MNI.


Detailed company profiles are available in print and electronic CD-ROM formats based on a variety of criteria.

http://www.madeinusa.com/ The MADE IN USA site allows you to search for over 300,000 USA manufacturers. Made in USA’s mission is to foster “recycling American dollars through patriotic spending”. Visitors are encouraged to join their patriotic organization ($10 per month) for newsletters and add comments to their list of patriots. CAUTION: They provide a list of supposedly American manufacturers. However, some products may not be Made in USA. They listed Sunbeam and I contacted them (Jarden Consumer Solutions) to find out “all of Sunbeam’s products are MADE IN CHINA”. However, Corporate offices are in the US.

http://www.ask.com/wiki/Made_in_America_%28TV_program%29 Links to John Ratzenberger’s discontinued reality television series on the Travel Channel which featured American manufacturers. He offers a DVD. When I get time I’ll review the DVD. The links on this page take you to Wikipedia reviews of the various manufacturers.