Time Saving Tips

Time Saving Tips are here to help you save time in then kitchen, and give you more time with your family! 

For some cooking may seem like a time-consuming chore, and with the busy schedules most of us have these days cooking may seem like an impossible task. But here at FMP we know cooking can be made simple and creating family meals in 30 minutes is possible!

Meal Planning – By now you have seen meal planning pop up under almost all our tips and tricks, simply put having a plan is going to be your best tool! Knowing what you are cooking each day will help you to better manage your time in the kitchen, allowing you to be prepped and ready. No more head scratching when it comes time to cook! From your plan meal plan your shopping list will be handy and help you get in out of the grocery store with ease. 

Cook in Batches – making larger batches is a great way to save time. Leftovers can be packaged for lunches, or certain dished can be frozen and kept for later use. Soups, sauces and casseroles are great for this. 

Instant Pots & Crock Pots – put them to use! 

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One Pan Meals – FMP is a big fan of one pan meals. If you haven’t heard of one meals they are just as they sound a meal made with one pan! All your ingredients on one baking sheet and in the oven it goes. Or everything in a skillet on the stove top!  So simple and time is saved with minimal prep and no dishes!  

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