Things the Grocer Won’t Tell You

Ship with a list and stick to it.

Shop with a list and stick to it.

Thanks to an article in the Reader’s Digest, the ‘net has been swamped with posts about grocer’s marketing practices. I must ask “where has everyone been all this time.” My brother-in-law told me years ago that vendor’s compete for prime shelf space, bakery smells are noticeable from everywhere in the  store and high mark-up items find their way on the end-caps. These are obvious advertising ploys to increase sales. But, there is a way to avoid these temptations.

When you shop, think of it as if you are playing in the super bowl:

  • Warm up first. That means “Eat before you shop.” Research shows that people buy more when shopping on an empty stomach.
  • Lay out a game plan. Your plan is written on your shopping list. Stick to it and you will win the “Shop-Less Sweepstakes.”
  • Your game plan also lays out the shortest route through the store to buy groceries. List items and coupons in the order you travel through the store.
  • Surround yourself with good players. Shop with friends or helpful family members. Divide the list and get to the checkout stand ASAP,
  • Don’t be distracted by the cheerleader. Those colorful  packages and 3-for-$1 shout-outs will get you off your plan.
  • Football players avoid the concession stands, Likewise, shoppers can bypass the deli section. Sliced meats and fried chicken will kill any budget.
  • Pass the ball 50% of the time. Shoppers can pass by the ice cream freezer all the time and avoid over-spending
  • Players use light equipment and all a frugal shopper usually needs is a small hand basket.
  • Footballs are firm, not mushy, Be sure you pick out produce that is firm and fresh.
  • When you have all the footballs, do not fancy-dance-around. Head right for the end zone  cash register.

Coming Up Tomorrow: I will link to my Meal Planner. Everyone can download and use it.

Don R

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