The Daily Meal: Do Not Eat List

picture of a smoothie

Are Smoothies good or bad for you?

Each day when we open our browser, we are bombarded with lists of healthy or unhealthy foods. Today The Daily Meal posted a list of twenty healthy “on the go” foods that are actually unhealthy  and how to fix them. Are you confused yet?  Or even worse, are you afraid to eat anything for fear it might be “bad”?  Let me unconfuse you by offering my own do and don’t list. Be ready for some surprises. When Shakespeare said, “To eat or not to eat, that is the question.’ he wasn’t thinking about calories, fats, heavy metals or cancer.* Likewise, I believe some of us think too much about food choices and forget to enjoy the meal. So here is my list of ideas to consider when you are at work or on the go. Ponder them, and then read the Daily Meal article. 

  • Eat a variety of natural fruit, vegetables and whole grains when possible.
  • Listen to your body. each of us can tolerate different foods.
  • Do not worry about small amounts of food additives unless it’s a medical issue. The phytochemicals in natural food will go a long way in protecting your body.
  • Eat small portions: everything in moderation.
  • When “on the go” make your own “natural” lunch and brown bag it.
  • Take a Ziplock® bag with cold cuts, wheat crackers, or  home-made gorp to work for snack times.
  • Carry a  water bottle with you.
  • When dining in a restaurant, choose menu items that  look like real food or ask for a plate of steamed veggies.
  • Take out sandwiches can be made with one slice of bread and without cheese or dressing.
  • Eat salad with dressing on the side. Dip fork into the dressing then spear or scoop the lettuce.
  • Split a meal with a co-worker or with a to-go box.

Now it’s your turn to add more ideas in our forum.

* In Shakespeare’s time, whole foods were eaten. Their main concerns were viral epidemics, bacterial infections and food poisoning.