The Sit-Down Meal: Conversation Starters III

Need a  source for witty, probing, interesting, challenging, , funny, intuitive,  and totally age-appropriate conversation starters?   No, you don’t need to find a toastmaster  book at Barnes & Nobel.  All you need to do is click on this link to The Family Dinners Project and you will find  enough material to keep your family engaged in meaningful conversation for years to come.

    “Would You Rather,” is one of the many suggested activities for kids and adults. Family members ask each other “Would you rather do _____OR ____?.  It is very appealing to me because

  • some of the questions can be used for any age; child or adult.
  • Questions can be from the web page or made up by family .
  • Some are tricky like “Would you Rather Jump up or jump down?
  • Some can be thought-provoking, like “Would You rather be the judge or jury?”
  • Questions address values like “Would you rather go hungry or take an apple from the neighbor’s tree.?”
  • or History lesson like “If the year was 1860 would you rather lie in Germany, Ireland, or Virginia?”
  • And finally questions can be silly like”Would you rather eat worms or snails?”

Conversations at the dinner table are important for a variety of reasons. As you explore them at,  don’t forget to come back and visit us too.


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