The Revised Family Meal Planner: Download & Use It

The  Revised Meal Planner: Download & Use It.

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“Now if I just had a plan for finding my planner, I could start dinner.”

Using our planner will make it easier when your family gathers to share ideas about next week’s meals. But, you might be asking “Is meal planning really necessary?”

There are many reasons for planning your meals, especially before you shop. You  will save time and energy by making fewer trips to the market. By applying smart buying strategies, you will be able to take charge of how your food dollars are spent.  You will save even more when you coordinate your plans with friends; shopping and preparing meals together. But there are two hidden advantages for planning ahead.

Your family will experience peace of mind by knowing what’s for dinner, what their role is in preparing the meal, and what they can have for snacks. You can relax a little by knowing that you have all the ingredients available and parts of the meal are already prepared or cooked.

A second reason for laying out your meals on one page is that you can see at a glance whether your family is getting all the nutrients they need for a balanced diet. Does your plan include colorful vegetables so your family takes in all the necessary vitamins and minerals? Are there lots of leafy greens, fruits, whole grains and nuts so that your family gets enough phytonutrients to ward off disease and make sure the body is working properly? 

We made changes to the planner!

Thank you for your suggestions. We revised the meal planner to include more sample menus for “cooking once for 3 meals”.

Click here  Meal Planner final publisher 051914 to download the meal planner in single page form.



To  Thank You for testing our meal planner, we want to send you a free gift. No, I can’t tell you what it is because it would ruin the fun. Believe me you will be surprised and pleased. 

The catch?  Only two. 

1. This offer is good for the first 10 families that respond and

2. You need to contact us at    to let us know how it worked for your family and tell us how it could be improved.

When we get feedback we will post it on our site. We will not use your name unless you ask us but we will recognize your city and state so you will know that your response was heard.

Again, thank you for helping us create a usable planner

Don R