The Family Dinner Table: Fill It With Love

Bring "Love" to the dinner table every day.

Bring “Love” to the dinner table every day.

by donR  February 15, 2016

Valentine’s Day is over. Well, it’s over for Hallmark as they prepare their shelves for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. But that doesn’t mean the “Spirit of Loving” cannot be expressed every day as we go on with our lives. Wouldn’t it be easy to reflect upon the goodness and love that each member brings to a family meal? Here are some possible rituals that could be incorporated into your family meal, game or conversation.

For starters each family member could tell about something a family member or friend did that demonstrates an act of love. Then let the rest of the family guess who did it.

  • An act of love could be as simple as a wink or smile at the right moment. It shows awareness, understanding, caring, and recognition for being who you are. It’s an affirmation that you are okay.
  • Texting, sending an e-card to a family member, or placing an anonymous card under someone’s dinner plate are just a few ways you can show a caring attitude.
  • Volunteering to prepare the meal to give anyone else time to relax. Cleaning while you cook  makes it easy on the next person. Passing out  certificates like washing your brother’s bike or polishing Dad’s golf clubs shows that you are supporting something they are passionate about.
  • A more formal way to express love is to  decorate  the dinner table with a theme that reflects love and warm understanding during a difficult time.

♥     Keep It Simple Simple to Demonstrate that your gesture is sincere and heart-felt.   ♥

For a special occasion, visit simple truths  and share one of their inspirational videos such as “Finding Joy”. One of my favorites is “Pulling Together”  Share it with older children.