The Family Cook-In Part 2: Planning

Our plan allowed time for children to decorate the tables.

Our plan allowed time for children to decorate the tables.

by donR, February 15, 2016

Everyone appreciates a well-planned event. Volunteers can focus on their responsibilities and guests will be thoroughly engaged throughout the event. The plan also needs to lead toward achieving your goal as described in part one: The Goal.

Here is a general plan you may find useful regardless of the type of event.

Sample Of Things To Do When Planning An Event

  1. Get the committee together to plan a simple cook-in meal..

    Get the committee together to plan a simple cook-in meal..

    Form a team and start planning well in advance of your event

  2. Define each person’s responsibility.
  3. Set up a budget. Stay within your limits on spending.
  4. Establish the event location date time and who your serving.
  5. Fill out permits: County, health, city, state, insurance & rental agreements.
  6. Find volunteers to help. Find and train leaders for future events.
  7. Make a timeline as a guide for keeping your event moving           
  8. Compose a to-do list. Check to be sure all is in place before the event starts.                                                                    
  9. Host your event and have a great time
  10. Send out thank you notes, newsletter, and celebrate
  11. Submit roses and thorns evaluation to next year’s organizer.

Don’t let this daunting list scare you away from hosting a Family Cook-In because some of these steps ma not be necessary. For instance your Cook-In could be set up as a pot-luck dinner or a catered affair. Everything can be tweaked and made simpler. Just get a group of like-minded people together and brainstorm ideas. It’ll be fun and easier than you think.

Find lots of great ideas at The Family Dinner

Find lots of great ideas at The Family Dinner

Fortunately when planning a Family Cook-In there is a lot of help. Click here to download the “Facilitator’s Handbook” provided by The Family Dinner Project.  It contains lots of information from goal setting and planning to meal selection and suggested conversation starters. Be sure to sign-up and be eligible for more support.

Fiinally, here is the timeline we composed when we planned our first Family Cook In:

11:30 meet with volunteers and set up tables

12:00 welcome introduction with families in the Fellowship Hall

Pre-schoolers made stuffed baked apples

12:05 parents move to fireplace room for introduction to “Four Weeks to Better Family Meals.”

           Children prepare dessert and decorate the tables.

12:20 families finish preparing the meal and sit down for games while it cooks.

12:35 families enjoy a sit-down meal and talk about how each member can show a loving spirit throughout the day

12:0 Enjoy dessert while family members share conversation starters

1:00 Clean up and share some  conversation starters within each family

1:10 Closing comments

Stay tuned for the rest of the story this week…to include:

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