The $10 Meal: Stock These Inexpensive Ingredients.

Sauteed ingredients taken directly from your pantry make a quick meal.

Sauteed ingredients taken directly from your pantry make a quick meal.  Brown rice, peppers, carrots, celery, mushrooms and free range chicken are healthy.

I finished revising the “Meal Planner” today and listed a few inexpensive items to keep in your cupboard or fridge. Then ten minutes ago Webmed posted an article listing 15 $2 items to always keep in your cupboard or fridge. Guess what! We both had many of the same items. What are they?

Not only did we both list these foods, many are on the list of the 125 healthiest foods. Here is a list that we included in our book :

oil:  canola (baking), virgin olive oil (salads/sauteing) grape seed (stir frying)

Nuts:    almonds, walnuts                     

Dressing: apple cider and Balsamic vinegar, shoyu (soy),  lemons

Pastas: (Use both whole wheat and semolina) spiral, elbow & shells            egg noodle,  udon noodle,  rice noodle,  Ramen (salad)

Rice:     long-grain brown,  organic  basmati

Tortilla:        whole wheat med/large,    corn masa  sm/med0

Grains:        all purpose flour,  whole grain flour,  quinoa,   hulled barley

legumes:  red beans, pinto beans, navy beans,   black beans, split peas,  lentils

Baking:   soda,   powder (non-aluminum),  yeast,  shortening (pies)  master mixes,   sugar (wt & brown),  free range chicken eggs

Dairy   milk,   sharp cheese, Greek yogurt,  sour cream, 

Canned:       fruit  veggie  tomato sauce     diced tomatoes                              tomato paste    fish

Fresh   salad mix    fruit      vegetables     onions/garlic

Soup       freeze-dried organic soup    broth       miso (aged)

Meats    free range chicken   ground turkey   roasts    salmon

Spices  pepper  sea salt  chili pepper   accumulate as you go