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Dining Out Do’s and Don’ts

by donR  July 21, 2015

Cooking Light suggests choosing grilles, baked or streamed menu items when dining out.

Cooking Light suggests choosing grilled, baked or streamed menu items when dining out.

It’s summertime and everyone is on-the-go; county fairs, vacations or just going to the park. If you plan on dining out or getting take-out food from a deli, here are some do’s and don’t s  to think about such as Cooking Light’s ratings of popular fast food restaurants. Continue reading

Travel T & T: Eat Big on a Small Budget

Eating on a Tight Budget While Traveling   By Don R


Cooking and eating in a community park is one way to save while traveling.

Your family can eat delicious meals and save on food costs while traveling.  By using just 5 simple tips and tricks you can travel more and treat your family to new experiences. Continue reading