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How to Read a Recipe

Do You read the Recipe or”Wing It?” by Don R

picture of a recipe box

Cooks often change the recipe to create a unique taste.

 It is said that experienced “cooks” do not need recipes. If they are not necessary, can anyone explain why there so many cookbooks on the Barnes and Nobel shelves?  The answer lies in how you view the cooking process and how much knowledge you have.

If you want to recreate the taste of someone’s entrée or side dish you will follow their recipe. Those who are not sure about how ingredients complement or detract from each other will also rely on recipes.

Our mission is to share ideas about using whole foods in creating meals. If you have little experience, we’ll share thoughts on how to read a recipe. Later, we will discuss ways to change recipes  to fit your needs. And finally, we’ll discuss how to create good tasting food without relying on recipes.

Recipes are merely a guide to get you started… and real chefs make the final choice on how it turns out. Continue reading