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Quotes From Seniors: “Don’t Throw Food Away, Store It The Easy Way!”

Left-over food can become planned-overs, stored or composted.

Left-over food can become planned-overs, stored or composted.

Someone said “Waste Not, Want Not.” Our nutrition classmates at the Ferndale Senior Center did not say it but shared how they save little dabs of food rather than tossing it out. Here are  some of their “tips and tricks”


  • “I don’t waste anything. It’s so easy to toss food into a labeled glass jar and freeze or refrigerate it.” She went on to say that scrap veggies are saved for soup stock, meat for stock or sauce.
  • food preserve” Now that I have a waffle-maker, I can cook up a bunch of whole wheat waffles, pack them in sealed baggies using a straw to suck out the air. Label and freeze. Pop into a toaster to reheat then lather with apple butter.”
  • “I have Tupperware® Parties to show all the different types of storage containers available.”
    Authors note: I clearly recollect how many times my mother used her 1950’s Tupperware® with tight-fitting  tops over and over for years.
  •  ” We love the day-old rye and wheat bread donated each week. Two loaves is plenty for us. To freeze it, we slice it thick but leave a small corner connected to keep it together. Next, place a piece of parchment paper between each slice then squeeze it together while placing the loaf in a plastic bag (…label…seal …) and freeze.”
  • “I have cube-shaped tubs with tight-fitting lids. They stack up nicely in the refrigerator or freezer after being labeled and dated.”

If you prefer an organized kitchen, it helps to collect containers of 2 or 3 sizes that stack together. Discard  the rest to spare you the frustration of hunting to find the right lids.  Just a thought.

by donR June 28 2015

Choose Items Carefully For Your Pantry

This spicy veggie patty is the centerpiece  of a $10 family meal.

This is an example of a $10 family meal. All the ingredients were sitting in our pantry just waiting to nourish our family.

We all know it is important to have a well-stocked pantry for emergencies. But more than that, it lays the foundation for assembling hundreds of different meals. It is important to take care in choosing the food in order to save space, money and the nutritional value of the food.

There are many things to consider so we’ll post our ideas in three segments, Here are some tips and tricks for you to think about. Continue reading