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Spice Mix: Make your own Southwest Mix

Make your own Southwest Mix

Tex Mex burrito. True Mexican cuisine would use corn tortillas and seldom use cheddar cheese.

Tex Mex burritos; tasty but not True Mexican cuisine.

In the spice world, the terms Southwestern and Tex Mex merely describe flavors used in Texas and Southwestern US restaurants. There are a variety of powdered spices used to create this distinctive flavor and you can experiment to get the flavor and hotness you like. Continue reading

Spice Mix: Make Your Own

Spice Mix:  Make Your Own                                                    by Don R 

picture of bowls with spices.

Use our recipes and make your own spice mixes.

Making your own spice combination is a good way to save money. We will share simple recipes that are not only easy on your budget, they will replace many of the 30 or so spice jars taking up space on your shelves. But there are other reasons for devoting a little time and energy to assemble your own. Continue reading

Reading Recipes: Part 3, Follow it or Change it?

Picture of Shish K bobs

Recipes for ‘K-Bobs are easily modified by using different fruit, marinades & veggies.

When you follow a recipe you get predictable results almost every time. Almost? Cooking is not an exact science because baking powder and spices can get old, your oven temperature can vary, you use white potatoes instead of Yukon Golds, or you whip the batter too much. Candy, like divinity,  has a way of turning out differently every time because of the weather.

Most chefs will cook something, especially sauces, and add spices or thickeners as they cook. They taste and adjust. It makes sense to adjust a recipe to fit your needs. Here are some ways in which you can change recipes, either while cooking or beforehand. Continue reading

Basic Recipes: Home-made Spice Mix

Your local Community Co-op carries a wide choice of bulk organic foods, including fresh spices and herbs. Search this directory to find  one in your area. 


Why would you want to use a spice mix?

  • picture of spices

    Our Spice Rack. Keep spices sealed tightly in 2 oz. bottles or 8 oz. jars.

    There would be no need to have 50 different herbs & spices in your cupboard.

  • There would be no need to have 25 different herbs and spices plus a substitution chart in your cupboard.
  • You would be able to have just a few spice mixes in your cupboard.
  • Your spice mixes would usually be fresh and flavorful, especially if purchased at your local food co-op. They replenish the bins often.
  • Spice mixes are easy to make and use.

Italian and Tex-Mex are very common spice mixes for Mediterranean and Southwest cuisine and available in most stores.  You may need to find a specialty grocer for Asian five spice, Chaat Masala and Cajun spice mixes. You will need to make your own “Herb Bouquet” because it is my variation of Herbemare.

Continue reading