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Basic Recipes: Home-made Spice Mix

Your local Community Co-op carries a wide choice of bulk organic foods, including fresh spices and herbs. Search this directory to find  one in your area. 


Why would you want to use a spice mix?

  • picture of spices

    Our Spice Rack. Keep spices sealed tightly in 2 oz. bottles or 8 oz. jars.

    There would be no need to have 50 different herbs & spices in your cupboard.

  • There would be no need to have 25 different herbs and spices plus a substitution chart in your cupboard.
  • You would be able to have just a few spice mixes in your cupboard.
  • Your spice mixes would usually be fresh and flavorful, especially if purchased at your local food co-op. They replenish the bins often.
  • Spice mixes are easy to make and use.

Italian and Tex-Mex are very common spice mixes for Mediterranean and Southwest cuisine and available in most stores.  You may need to find a specialty grocer for Asian five spice, Chaat Masala and Cajun spice mixes. You will need to make your own “Herb Bouquet” because it is my variation of Herbemare.

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