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Counter-top Appliances: Our Top 5 Choices

Our top choice for best table-top appliances is the slow-cooker. Can you name four more that made the top five list?

Our top choice for best table-top appliances is the slow-cooker. Can you name four more that made the top five list?

by donR October 27, 2015

Small appliances, whether you love them or hate them, are often given as gifts or purchased on impulse. Then they often end up in thrift stores for various reasons, which we will explain later.

But they do have a place in the home kitchen as well as in  restaurants. Are there any homes that are without a Microwave oven, coffee maker or toaster? These are so popular that we will not discuss them here, However there are at least five small appliances that deserve mention  Read more about these time and energy-savers: Continue reading

Crock Pot Meals For Seniors: 5 Do’s

picture of roast beef

Chuck roasts can be marinated and slow cooked to improve tenderness.

The Crock Pot, AKA slow cooker, is an appliance that some senior ladies use all the time but most of them use the range for cooking, The senior men  preferred microwaves for cooking or warming up leftovers. My research statistics came from 1 visit to a Senior Center and is not very scientific, but it got my attention. Seniors who prefer not to cook, rely upon the microwave and those who cook, like the range. So, why would we want to introduce slow cooking?  Continue reading

Which Holiday gift for my Wife: Cast Iron Skillet or Meat Grinder?

Holiday gift for my Wife?  by donR revised December 5 2015

griddleI’ve read many lists about “perfect gifts for the holidays” and nowhere is a meat grinder mentioned. Go figure! Maybe that’s not a safe idea. Would a new vacuum cleaner be better? The real question is “Are kitchen gadgets appropriate gifts for spouses?” This is where you get to show that you really know your spouse.  Would he/she like and use a new kitchen tool? Be sure you are choosing a gift they would appreciate; not just one you wish they wanted and would use.

Thinking back over the years, my folks have given us some holiday kitchen gifts that were real time-savers and well appreciated. So, here are some electric kitchen gift ideas that may help your children when they are out on their own. A gift for your spouse?  You know best.

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