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The Sit-Down Meal: Conversation Starters III

Need a  source for witty, probing, interesting, challenging, , funny, intuitive,  and totally age-appropriate conversation starters?   No, you don’t need to find a toastmaster  book at Barnes & Nobel.  All you need to do is click on this link to The Family Dinners Project and you will find  enough material to keep your family engaged in meaningful conversation for years to come. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution:Sit Down, Relax, Eat, Enjoy

Resolve to sit down and eat with your whole family whenever possible.

Resolve to sit down and eat with your whole family.

  • Eating on the run can be harmful to your general health. We revealed this generally accepted conclusion in an earlier post: “Sit-down Meals a Life Saver.”  There are a number of reasons to add “Sit Down, Relax and Eat” to your list of New Year’s Resolution. Continue reading