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Grow Winter Salad Greens: Build A Simple 4 X 4 Raised Garden

4-x-4-gardenby donR September 25. 2006

It may not be too late to start a family garden- the 4 X 4 way.  it’s easy to put together, care for, and makes for a great family project. Read more about how to build the garden  plus two links to helpful growers’ websites:

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5 X 3 $10 Meals Part 2; Using Pork, Biscuit Mix, & Beet Greens

The biscuits on pot pies can be made with a master biscuit mix

The biscuits on pot pies can be made with a master biscuit mix. see video

by donR   September 12, 2016

“5 X 3 meals” means that your family can have a Cook-In to prepare 5 different foods for use in 3 dinners. You could easily assemble more but for now let’s keep it simple and use the time to play with the kids.

Our last post used pork loin roasts for several entrees. But this saves little time because you still need to prepare future meals separately. Instead, how about cooking 5 ingredients on one day with family or friends and use those for 3 or more future meals? Here is one example to give you an idea for a Cook-In.

  • Roast the pork and place in convenient packages for your first ingredient.
  • Combine 10C flour, oil, baking powder and soda, plus salt to make a biscuit master mix. You can make the biscuits ahead of time or bake them later as for pork sliders, pot pie, fruit tarts or strawberry shortcake.
  • Roasted beets can be eaten as-is or in salads. See Epicurious recipe.

    Roasted beets can be eaten as-is or in salads. See Epicurious recipe.

    Harvest 4 lbs beets with beet greens. Wash and cut greens from red beets. Cut beets, potatoes, onions and other veggies to be ready for roasting in oil and garlic butter.

  • Cook 2 lbs penne whole wheat noodles in boiling water until al dente. Rinse and divide for use in two meals: IE; 1. Penne salad with chopped celery, nuts, tomatoes and dressing. Chill before serving. 2; Penne Lasagna: Layer noodles with low fat cottage cheese, beet greens, tomato sauce, and pulled pork. Sprinkle with Parmesan and bake or freeze for later meals.
  • Wash chop, slice and dice the beet greens and your favorite veggies and leafy greens. Place a damp paper towel on the bottom of several plastic or glass containers. Fill each container with salad greens, cover and refrigerate for up  to 5 days. Add nuts, seeds, pickled beets, cheese or diced pork and dressing just before serving.

Note: If your family follows the “Choose My Plate ” recommendations, simply add dairy, water  and fruit for a balanced meal.  Once your family gets accustomed to planning and cooking together they will look forward to these memorable gatherings.




Green Salad In Your Meal Plan: 10 Final Thoughts

Green salads contain many micronutrients. Add whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds for even more variety.

Green salads contain many micro-nutrients. Add whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds variety.

by  donR  October 6, 2015

Should you include green salads every day in your meal plan? It depends on what you and your needs for optimal body function. Dark green leafy green salads are rich in vitamins and minerals, some of which can be toxic  or interfere with medicines if you eat too much. It also depends on whether the dressing contains oil or water needed for digestion. EEEK!, it’s complicated. But, here are some general guidelines for you and your family to consider: Continue reading

Simple Salad Dressing & Marinade: 5 X 5 Combinations

By donR  October 5, 2015

Mix N Match dressings complement these vegetables.

Mix N Match dressings complement these vegetables.

Home-made dressing for green salad is simple to prepare.  Kids can do it as their contribution to the family dinner.  When each family member makes their own, they may be more apt to ask for green salad at dinnertime. The following 5 X 5 ingredient chart shows how to create over 3,000 different dressings. Read More… Continue reading

Green Salads 4 Kids: 10 Tips N Tricks

by donR  September 9, 2015

Kids can make salads in containers for each day of the week.

Kids can make salads in containers for each day of the week.

Like green salads? The  USDA recommends that we eat lots of fruit and veggies, to include leafy greens.  They are great for families wanting to save money, eat healthy, and make cooking easier.

We’ve always said, “Start dinners with a glass of water, cup of home-made soup and a bowl of green salad.”  But the response from parents is mixed. they’ll say, “If leafy greens are so good for kids to eat, why is hard to get kids to like them in salad?” Or more bluntly said;  “No way!”

Perhaps it’s the texture, light flavor, or  just the thought of eating grass. But over the years we have seen changes in our four girls to the point that their families now eat leafy greens every day. Here are some tips and tricks that we used when our children were young and some new ideas. Some may work for you: Continue reading

Serve Green Salad Every Day, The EZ Way

picture of a taco meal

Some salad greens grow better in cooler weather. Find out which varieties to plant in your fall garden and how.

by donR  Sept 5. 2015

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is dipping, fruit and vegetables will soon be harvested yet the leafy green crops will hang on until the first hard frost. Fortunately, you an enjoy green salads for a couple more months if you start more growing  in your garden.  Below are 5 tips for growing greens in the Fall. It is well worth the effort because you will have “free” salad makin’s until winter sets in..  Read more about growing salad greens in the Fall and preparing them the EZ way. Continue reading

Hot and Sassy Salsa: From An Old family “Recipe.”

There is no need to follow a recipe. Make salsa to fit your taste.

There is no need to follow a recipe. Make salsa to fit your taste.

by donR  July 4th 2015

I watched in awe as Lili  made real “salsa” with my daughter Rebecca during a gathering of her friends on Independence day. We’ve always said “If you make a mess, make a big one” And as you can see by the pictures, they made lots of salsa; for 9 families.

Two things struck me the most. Lili used no recipe, and never has. Then, as she added ingredients, she shared some Tips N Tricks which I’m passing on to you.


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Eating Well: Download Clean Summer Dinners

mixed vgtables

Garden vegetables are a key ingredient in light summer dinners.

“Eating Well” Magazine and website is packed with recipes that are healthy and flavorful. Their ‘clean living’ series of recipes will appeal to families living in the Pacific Northwest whose gardens are overflowing with succulent green veggies.

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Stretch Your Food Budget With A Well-Stocked Pantry

This salmon & salad meal was prepared room ingredients we found in our pantry.

This salmon & salad meal was prepared from ingredients we found in our pantry.

Putting together a well-stocked pantry may strain your budget at first but save you hundreds of dollars over time. In this five-part series we’ll explore ways to assemble a pantry that fits your cooking style, meal plans and budget. By having ingredients readily available you avoid a trip to the grocer,  can change your meal plan, and be ready if company shows up. To get you started here are a few reasons for assembling a pantry and some ingredients you may want to keep on hand. Continue reading

What’s A Cook-In? Cooking Class? Community Meal? Food to Go? Friendly Gathering?

Onions ad flavor to most soups. Don demonstrates how to cut one safely.

Onions add robust flavor to most soups. Don demonstrates how to cut one safely….and without tears

Yep! All of the above. We hosted our first Cook-In and people were smiling as they stacked containers of prepared food to take home. But first, let’s share how the evening started. Don purchased food, set up cooking stations, and demonstrated how to prepare ingredients at each area. Everyone pitched in and 30 minutes later we were finished packaging ingredients for soup-based meals. Then we gathered to eat and plan. Continue reading