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5 Reasons Why We Hoard Leftovers, For A While.

tortilla wrap

Planned-overs were used to create this lunch using Re-fried corn bread, summer chicken salad wrapped in tortilla and cottage cheese.

When my daughter, a macro-biotic cooking instructor, visits I’m always curious about the left-overs she has in her brown paper bag. I pretend not to notice but know she has  containers of food-stuffs with which she can create nutritious, simple meals to share with us. She now has me hoarding planned-overs to use in dinners, for snacks or simple lunches, and comfort food. I like having these ingredients readily available.

Should we all be hoarding those bits of food to use while still safe to eat? Here are 5 reasons, guess the one most important to me then pick one important to you and your family. Continue reading

Planned-Over Rice Pudding

This rice pudding was made with brown rice syrup. spiced rum and almond milk.

This rice pudding was made with brown rice syrup. spiced rum and almond milk.

“In the old days” my family seldom let food go to waste.  Day-old bread was used in bread pudding, milk toast or dried for dressing and breading. Yesterday we had more rice leftover than needed and I remembered how I liked my Aunt’s bread pudding. So…why not try rice pudding? Continue reading

Easy One Skillet Meal from Planned-Overs

A tasty and healthy meal from planned--overs and food from the pantry

A tasty and healthy meal from planned–overs and food from the pantry

by donR  5/1/20l5

Serve soft or hard tacos one night then create  this simple, nutritious, one skillet meal on the second day. Cook once for several meals to save time, energy and avoid a trip to the grocer.

Nutritious?  This meal was made with whole foods except the dab of whipped cream and Better Than Bouillon® flavoring. Read More….

Continue reading

Planned-Over Free Meal Idea #3

pic of a meal

Restaurants usually serve too much food, Here is a meal from the leftovers.

Here’s a tip for using restaurant left-overs. When dining out we like to go to grocery delis like the Community Food Coop or Safeway. They usually have a variety of salads, soup and Safeway offers Asian entrees. So, we took Asian home and enjoyed half of the Supreme Combination Meal. Then we boxed the rest for today’s free meal. Read more to see how I created a tasty salmon rice n noodle dinner: Continue reading

Five Ways To Use Planned-Over Ham.

Gabriel Claycamp itroduced us toIntroduced us to boneless pork shoulder cushions. These 3 1/2 to 5 pound are roasts cost $1.90 per pound at Cash and Carry in Bellingham when purchased in 12 to 15 pound packages.

Gabriel Claycamp shows how to prepare low-cost meals with ham..

Honey glazed ham, a traditional Easter food is becoming popular during the holiday season. Ham is versatile as a snack, appetizer, or main course for dinner: precooked, pre-cut, ever so tasty and easy to serve. The main problem is what to do with all the leftover ham. It makes sense to bag it and use it for the following five meals. Continue reading

A Ten Dollar Meal: Shepherd’s Pie

Shepard's pie is great for using planned-overs.

Shepherd’s pie is great for using planned-overs.

Shepherd’s pie is a comfort food that originated in Great Britain. Since the English elite confiscated all the grain, the commoners resorted to using potatoes as a food staple. The Irish cooked meat and vegetables together with wine and Worcestershire sauce then put that in a pot lined (or not) with mashed potatoes. After covering the meat with potatoes it was baked ’till done. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: Cook Once for Two Meals

Roast beef and gravy over spiral pasta is easy to prepare. Cook extra for an easier second meal.

Roast beef and gravy over spiral pasta is easy to prepare. Cook extra for an easier second meal.

If you are serious about tightening your food budget and saving time in the kitchen, using planned-over food will help do both. 

Cooking once for several meals takes a little extra time and ingredients on the first day but the second meal is a breeze. With a little imagination and help from the family, the meal possibilities are endless. Here is an example:

  • Using a roaster or slow cooker, cook a 3 lb roast with lots of root vegetables and onions. Using a large pot, cook a double batch of pasta. Set aside 1/2 of the roast, drippings, pasta and veggies for meal #2.
  • For meal #1, make gravy, with some of the meat drippings, dice a pound of the meat and combine it with the gravy. Spoon the gravy over the pasta and serve with veggies on the side. Green salad and planned-over soup complete the meal.
  • pasta salad

    Planned-over pasta makes a great salad!

    Use the remaining pasta to create a pasta celery salad. Dice the cooked meat and veggies. Store these planned-overs in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Oh, label these packages to keep hands out of your prepared meal.

  • Planned-over roast beef and veggies make a quick stew..

    Planned-over roast beef and veggies make a quick stew.

    Make stew for meal #2. Simply combine the drippings, diced meat and chopped veggies in a pot. Add some vegetable broth, celery and chopped onions, heat and serve.  With the pre-made pasta salad, harvest bread, and an easy dessert, your meal is ready in no time.

  • When making your New Year’s Resolutions, keep them realistic and appropriate. Many people already cook once for several meals but it’s probably not planned. The appropriate resolution could be “to make better meal plans in 2014.”

Let’s Talk Turkey, Pt 5: Using Planned-Overs

pic of cabbage salad with turkey

shredded turkey and cabbage salad is easy to prepare and sooo good!

Let’s Talk Turkey, Pt 5: Using Planned-Overs

By DonR Nov 28. 20113

Cooking once and using planned-overs for several meals is a great way to save time and energy. In fact, because turkeys are on sale this time of year, it pays to grab an extra to freeze. Whole turkeys can help your food budget substantially.

Turkey can be used in lots of ways if you plan ahead. So, now that the turkey is cooked and the planned-overs are sitting safely in the oven at 135+ degrees, what comes next? Cool it quickly, shred it and use it for entrees, soups, salads and sides.

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