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Easy One Skillet Meal from Planned-Overs

A tasty and healthy meal from planned--overs and food from the pantry

A tasty and healthy meal from planned–overs and food from the pantry

by donR  5/1/20l5

Serve soft or hard tacos one night then create  this simple, nutritious, one skillet meal on the second day. Cook once for several meals to save time, energy and avoid a trip to the grocer.

Nutritious?  This meal was made with whole foods except the dab of whipped cream and Better Than Bouillon® flavoring. Read More….

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$10 Meal Challenge #5: Which is best, slow-cooker, wok, oven, grill or pot?

Yo can use ground sausage or Polish sausage links in this lentil stew.

You can use ground sausage or Polish sausage links in this lentil stew.

Before moving on to other topics this month, I’d like to share some ideas about the best appliance to cook budget-friendly meals. The best answer would be “it depends.” The Asian community would certainly prefer a wok because it is so versatile. Others would choose a frying pan over gas heat or casserole dish in an oven.  My preference would be to use the slow cooker, which is not commonly used in many parts of the world. So why would I want to use it? I like soup and  casseroles and these can be cooked easily in a slow cooker. I can set it and forget it. But there’s more to it than that. Continue reading

Food Bank Meal of the Month: 1 Skillet Chicken

One Skillet Meals can be easy to fix and very tasty. Chiken breast steeped in garlic thyme rosemary-scented herbs is a perfect choioce to introduce the"Meal of the Month.

One Skillet Meals can be easy to fix and tasty. Chicken breast steeped in garlic, thyme and rosemary is a perfect way to introduce the”Meal of the Month.”

The Family Meals Project is partnering with WSU Extension’s  Food $ense Program, and The Ferndale Food Bank to explore a new idea; “Meal of the Month.” The main course for May is a  One-Skillet Chicken & Veggie Meal. This is an interesting idea and there are many options for using available food either from the food bank or your own pantry. You can use this recipe as a framework and then change the meat, grain and vegetable to fit your needs. Continue reading