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5 Reasons Why We Hoard Leftovers, For A While.

tortilla wrap

Planned-overs were used to create this lunch using Re-fried corn bread, summer chicken salad wrapped in tortilla and cottage cheese.

When my daughter, a macro-biotic cooking instructor, visits I’m always curious about the left-overs she has in her brown paper bag. I pretend not to notice but know she has  containers of food-stuffs with which she can create nutritious, simple meals to share with us. She now has me hoarding planned-overs to use in dinners, for snacks or simple lunches, and comfort food. I like having these ingredients readily available.

Should we all be hoarding those bits of food to use while still safe to eat? Here are 5 reasons, guess the one most important to me then pick one important to you and your family. Continue reading

Find Gold In Your Refrigerator Freezer.

 Find Gold In Your Refrigerator Freezer. By Don R

hands 150xI met a mother who is among the 50 million Americans living at or near poverty level. It was heartwarming to hear her story about discovering a package of pulled chicken in the freezer and how this find brightened her day.  I’ve asked her to tell the story.

“My family and I have lived on one income for 5 years now, and, especially in this economy, we have had to learn to be creative when it comes to meal time. This creativity has meant that I have to make most everything from scratch, using low-cost ingredients and planning ahead. Through trial and error, I have learned to stock up on basics, and menu-plan.

This strategy works great for me, but sometimes “life” happens! No matter how hard we try to stay on top of things, there are still those days when my children are sick, I am too busy to cook, or we have an “emergency”. Well, this happened to me the other day.

It was like finding gold in my freezer!

I had no idea what I was going to cook for dinner and it was already 6:00 pm. I went to the freezer to see what I could come up with. I was so relieved to find a bag of pre-cooked rotisserie chicken shredded and ready to go that my father had given me! It was like finding gold in my freezer!  I ran it under tepid water,

Sauteed planned-overs make a quick meal.

sautéed planned-overs make a quick meal.

and quickly sautéed it with veggies and rice I had saved from yesterday. Dinner was done in 5 minutes! This experience has motivated me to always have 2 or 3 bags of cooked rotisserie chicken on hand in my freezer for those frantic days.”    Kate Seattle, WA

Oftentimes it is the little things that enrich our lives or save us from stress. If you have a story to tell, share it with us, We are listening