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Planning A Cook-In: The 5 X 3 Way

picture of pork meal.

Pulled and diced chicken with rice and veggies are three key ingredients for many 5 X 3 meals. ‘K-Bobs and Stuffed pepper are pictured here.

by donR  October 14, 2016

Choosing meals for a Cook-In is made easier by creating a 5 X 3 chart. It is just a list of featured ingredients which you cook and package to use as a base for three future meals.  A well-stocked pantry provides additional ingredients to complement the featured items 

Previously, we described how pork loin roasts can be cooked  and packaged for use in many different ways. Chicken and turkey, are featured in this article. Read more about these and other versatile ingredients to  use when planning 5 X 3 Cook-Ins. Continue reading

Who Said You Can’t Host A Cook-In? Not Me!

By DonR  12-20-2014


Peeling apples can be fun when making pies with friends.

Peeling apples can be fun when making pies with friends.

When I ask people if they would like to host a cook-in, I’ve heard “I don’t have the knowledge (substitute skill, experience, ability, time,  expertise,  training).” Actually anyone can host a Cook-In with the understanding that they do not need to lead it. Here are more ideas for hosting one and picking out leaders: Continue reading