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Planned-Over $10 Meal: “Sponges” that are Quick, Easy, Delicious

What if       fill in the blank             ?    We’ve all been there: running late, company shows up unannounced, you open a package and the meat is spoiled, or the  bag of rice is full of bugs. What are you going to do for dinner? Do you have”sponges” in your pantry?

Picture of soup n sandwich.

This quick meal was assembled by using planned-overs.

Well-prepared teachers use “sponges” when there is a disaster in the classroom. These are emergency activities stored in the closet. Likewise, a well-stocked cupboard or freezer will often save your day  during a home emergency. Here are five foods you can have ready so you can assemble a $10 emergency family meal that is quick, easy and delicious. Continue reading