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Eating Well: Download Clean Summer Dinners

mixed vgtables

Garden vegetables are a key ingredient in light summer dinners.

“Eating Well” Magazine and website is packed with recipes that are healthy and flavorful. Their ‘clean living’ series of recipes will appeal to families living in the Pacific Northwest whose gardens are overflowing with succulent green veggies.

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“Free” Cookbooks: 5 Tips For Worry-Free Downloading


EatingWell.com has downloadable booklets with healthy recipes for all occasions.

Lately I have been bombarded with free cookbook offers. Many will only allow you to download their booklet and print it. To make changes, it needs to be  converted to a usable format like PDF but doing so can be difficult. Changing the format might alter the layout and type style making it difficult to read. But the real danger has to do with allowing a virus in to attack your computer. Here are 5 things you can do to protect against a virus. Continue reading