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Why Not Have Breakfast For Dinner?

Breakfast Dinner   By Don R

picture of waffle

Waffles can be served with nutritious fruit and veggie smoothies for dinner.

When making your weekly or monthly meal plans, it makes sense to include a couple of breakfast meals. Serving breakfast does not mean it needs to include greasy meat or processed cereals. there are other options that you can consider. Our children loved the idea of cooking breakfast for dinner and were eager to help. Here a few reasons why: Continue reading

Easy 1 Skillet Meals

skillet-meal1 Skillet Meals

How could I forget cooking 1 skillet meals in my college dorm? Well, I did until reading the manual for the WSU Nutrition Education Program.  Their manual outlines ways to cook one skillet meals on the stove top. Other small electric tools can be used if a range is not available. Cooking an easy meal in an electric fry pan, electric wok, or crock pot is simple, flexible and easy on your budget. Continue reading