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Counting Calories To Fight Child Obesity: Is there A Better Way?

Did you notice there is no RDA for sugar on the label? Why?  resd more...

Did you notice there is no RDA for sugar on the label? Why? read more…

by donR   August 18, 2015

The fitness craze of the nineteen seventies saw an explosion of calorie-counting magazine articles, diets and books in an effort to assemble healthier meals. Videos, charts and picture cards like these on Wise Geek were used to memorize calories in common foods. But, according to the  documentary film  “Fed Up,”   which examines the scope and underlying causes of childhood obesity, calorie counting was a confusing, and tedious ritual that did little to curb the way American children ate. Continue reading

Sit-Down Meals: A Lifesaver?


Family Meals: an important part of every day.

In 1900, 2% of Americans ate dinner outside of the home. Do you dare to guess what a 2010 study determined? (answer at the end of this post.) According to Dr. Mark Hyman, columnist for the Huffington Post, eating at home, like our grandparents did years ago,  is the best way to remain healthy. Continue reading