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What’s A Cook-In? Cooking Class? Community Meal? Food to Go? Friendly Gathering?

Onions ad flavor to most soups. Don demonstrates how to cut one safely.

Onions add robust flavor to most soups. Don demonstrates how to cut one safely….and without tears

Yep! All of the above. We hosted our first Cook-In and people were smiling as they stacked containers of prepared food to take home. But first, let’s share how the evening started. Don purchased food, set up cooking stations, and demonstrated how to prepare ingredients at each area. Everyone pitched in and 30 minutes later we were finished packaging ingredients for soup-based meals. Then we gathered to eat and plan. Continue reading

Host a Cookie Cook-In

Pic of hands baking cookies

Cook-Ins are meant to be hands-on events. Everyone cooks, learns, and samples their creations. Extras are made for events or boxed to take home.

Host a Cookie Cook-In by Don R

Getting people together to bake cookies is certainly not a new idea. Friends, church groups, and clubs often gather to bake for bazaars, holiday baskets, weddings or just about any excuse to socialize. Last night I had the opportunity to join our church group to bake cookies for an upcoming event. It was an enjoyable, enlightening, and hands-on experience! In addition, their “cook-In,” which was so simply organized, will serve as a model for future FMP “cook-Ins.” Continue reading