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Food Bank Cook-In: A Saturday Delight


Freshly ground spices add to the flavor of skillet meals.


We held our first Ferndale Food Bank cook-in featuring a meal of the month.  It was so much fun sharing ideas that we failed to notice the busy activity in the food bank or how cramped we were in our 8 X 14 room. Now if you think you need a commercial kitchen to work in, you are mistaken. All you need is a sink, counter space, small appliances and delightful people willing to roll up their sleeves and cook. We found out that: Continue reading

Could You Lead A Cook-In? Of Course!

Could you host a cook-in? Find out by answering these questions:

  1. Anyone who likes to cook and share recipes can host a cook-in.

    Anyone who likes to cook and share recipes can host a cook-in.

    Do you like to cook?

  2. Do you know a few people who would like to meet and talk about cooking?
  3. Do you have a place and equipment to cook?
  4. Can you read a recipe?
  5. If you had lots of support would you try?

If you answered YES to these questions, you certainly can at least host a cook-In and be one of the leaders. How do I know this? Continue reading

Cooking Workshop #1 Southwestern $10 Meal

Lisa adding onions to cabbage

Add chopped onions and peppers to the sliced cabbage.

Our first of six classes focused on putting together a $10 meal to feed a family of six. “Impossible!” , “No way”,  “Using nutritious ingredients?”  say the doubters. How can this be done? Lisa Dixon, a registered nutritionist showed us how.


Hand-made black bean corn tortillas, Cabbage salad with lemon/oil dressing, Spanish Rice and grilled pineapple

Twelve tortillas were made with corn masa  at a cost of $.60. A head of organic cabbage was $1.40, 1 C organic whole grain rice and 1 C organic black beans were $1.40 (bulk price)  and one pineapple was $2.99. 1/2 onion, 1 bell pepper, salsa and Greek yogurt added another $3.70 bringing the total cost to $10.10. And there were beans, and salsa left over for another meal (plannedovers). Condiments like oil and lemon are not counted in the price.