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Why Not Have Breakfast For Dinner?

Breakfast Dinner   By Don R

picture of waffle

Waffles can be served with nutritious fruit and veggie smoothies for dinner.

When making your weekly or monthly meal plans, it makes sense to include a couple of breakfast meals. Serving breakfast does not mean it needs to include greasy meat or processed cereals. there are other options that you can consider. Our children loved the idea of cooking breakfast for dinner and were eager to help. Here a few reasons why: Continue reading

Master Biscuit Mix Recipe 2; Fluffy Pancakes

pancakes-300xPancakes can be high in saturated fat but our Master Biscuit Mix has reduced butter and sugar content and  nutritious whole wheat  used in place of half the all-pupose flour. To make fluffier lighter pancakes, try this trick that I picked up from my roommate’s mother in college a long long time ago. Continue reading