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Cooking 101: EZ Cooked Vegetables

These veggies are complex carbohydrates.

These veggies are complex carbohydrates.

by donR  July 28, 2015

The USDA, a department of the US government recommends that we fill half of our plate with vegetables. But how many of us really do it? Any answer would be debatable and besides, that’s not the important question. A better question to ask would be, “How does one cook inexpensive vegetables in a way that preserves nutrients, is easy to fix, and tasty enough to eat every night?”  Here are five things to think about if you want to answer that question. Continue reading

Reading Recipes: Part 3, Follow it or Change it?

Picture of Shish K bobs

Recipes for ‘K-Bobs are easily modified by using different fruit, marinades & veggies.

When you follow a recipe you get predictable results almost every time. Almost? Cooking is not an exact science because baking powder and spices can get old, your oven temperature can vary, you use white potatoes instead of Yukon Golds, or you whip the batter too much. Candy, like divinity,  has a way of turning out differently every time because of the weather.

Most chefs will cook something, especially sauces, and add spices or thickeners as they cook. They taste and adjust. It makes sense to adjust a recipe to fit your needs. Here are some ways in which you can change recipes, either while cooking or beforehand. Continue reading