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One Small Food Bank Chicken=Three Meals

12/11/2014  By donR

Chicken Thighs

Three meals from one chicken is possible when it complements the side dishes. Read more…

The Ferndale Food Bank is slated to receive small whole chickens this month. Most would consider this to be barely enough for one family meal. But, if you follow the FMP core principles, you most likely  have ideas about carving one whole chicken into three chicken-based meals for a family of four. Continue reading

$10 meal: Baked Chicken and Steamed Veggies

$10 meal: Baked Chicken and Steamed Veggies  by Don R

picture of chicken thegh, veggies and green salad

Baked  thighs & steamed veggies team up for a budget-stretching meal.

Watch for sales and stock up. Chicken thighs were $.98 per lb at Fred Meyer and assorted frozen veggies are available anytime for $1 per lb package at The Dollar Store. When put together with a green salad and day-old bread you can feed a family for under ten dollars. To save time, the thighs can be slow cooked but we chose baked to get a nicely browned meat. Steamed squash, peas ‘n corn, and cauliflower fill half the plate. Continue reading