Spice Mix: Herb Bouquet

Herb Bouquet

spice mix

Make this herb & spice mix and use in soup and vegetable recipes.

Want to liven up your soup or vegetables? Add a teaspoon of herb bouquet with your recipe and simmer a bit to release the flavors. I’ve mixed this up and given it as gifts, used it at home and in our classes. You can change the mixture to make it hotter; you also can eliminate the salt or add less or more sweetener to appease your taste buds.

Tip:  Make just enough for the month and store it in a sealed glass container. Make a new batch each month so it will always be fresh and fragrant.

To make it for our family, we added more garlic and reduced the salt. Others have added peppercorns or ground cayenne pepper to increase hotness. That’s why it is best to mix your own. Here is the recipe.

Herb Bouquet
A mixture of dried herbs and spices to liven up your meal. Organic ingredients are available in bulk at your local cooperative food market
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  1. 2 T dried Basil
  2. 1 T dried chives
  3. 1 t dried granulated garlic (or powder)
  4. 1 t dried granulated onion (or powder)
  5. 1 t dried thyme (or ground)
  6. 1 t dried rosemary (or ground)
  7. 1 t dried marjoram (or ground)
  8. 1 t sea salt
  1. 1. Combine ingredients and store in a sealed container.
  2. 2. To use, Measure 1 T and place in a mortar.
  3. 3. Grind with a pestle just before using to release the flavor.
  4. (option) Use ground ingredients and just measure what you need and use it as-is.
  1. 1.When you grind it just before using it has more flavor.
  2. 2. You can substitute parsley or cilantro for the chives.
  3. 3. Add peppers for hotness.
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