Sit-Down Meals:The Best Resource?

The Sit-Down Meal: Resources  by Don R


Where is the best place to go for more information about sit-down family meals? You may as well go to the group that is at the forefront when researching how families benefit from sitting down together during mealtime.

The Family Dinner Project, started with the idea that kids who join their family for sit-down meals develop better social skills. A study, spearheaded by Shelly Long of Harvard University, went on to conduct studies supporting the idea. Since those early beginnings, the Harvard group teamed up with other notable groups and in 2013 was selected to speak at a Mayo Clinic Conference. I mention this to show that there is strong support for promoting family meals.

The Family Dinner Project    has developed a website to share their ideas and publications, including a monthly newsletter. Visit them for hundreds of ways to get kids excited about conversing at the dinner table. They include conversation starters, teen discussion prompts, and activities to engage children.