Simple Salad Dressing & Marinade: 5 X 5 Combinations

By donR  October 5, 2015

Mix N Match dressings complement these vegetables.

Mix N Match dressings complement these vegetables.

Home-made dressing for green salad is simple to prepare.  Kids can do it as their contribution to the family dinner.  When each family member makes their own, they may be more apt to ask for green salad at dinnertime. The following 5 X 5 ingredient chart shows how to create over 3,000 different dressings. Read More…

This chart tells the whole story. Log onto the Prevention website and download the original or use ours which was changed during a nutrition class. Feel free to change ingredients but most dressings include:

  • A vegetable oil for nutritional value and to allow dressings to stick to the leaves.
  • An acid for “kick” and minimize craving for salt.
  • emulsifier holds ingredients together,
  • Herbs add unique flavors.
  • Add-ons improve crunchiness, texture and nutrients.

5 X 5 salad dressings