Serving Dinner: Restaurant Style or Pass the Bowl?

picture of a codfish dinner.,

A light white sauce, lemon and simple herbs adorn this rock cod meal. Serving like a restaurant improves the way it is presented.

Usually, like most Americans, we arrange food on the counter or table and serve ourselves. Lately we have arranged food on plates and served “restaurant style.” There are definite reasons for both but one way has many advantages.

When food is passed around the table, everyone can take what they want. That’s good, right? On second thought, consider the advantages of arranging food on plates before setting them on the table like a restaurant.

  • Food portions can be controlled as recommended by the American Diabetes Association. read more...  This is important for people who are dealing with health issues.
  • It discourages people from eating too much because “seconds” are not on the table.
  • Extra food can be kept in the safe temperature zone until ready to be eaten.
  • Competitive children can’t argue about who gets the drumstick, the last of the fries, or other favorite foods.
  • Extra food can be set aside for planned-overs.
  • Family members can take turns arranging the food and garnish the plates so the meal looks great’
  • “My Plate” standards as recommended by the USDA, can be enforced.

Note: If trying to control portion size it is important to know what a portion Looks like. webMD  has a chart or display that helps to remind us about what a portion looks like.