Shop Whatcom County

Whatcom County, WA is fortunate to have a variety of food stores. You can find all you need, including specialty ingredients for things like ethnic recipes, specialty meals and keeping up on variety. Haggen, Win-co, Costco, Trader Joe’s, The Community Food Co-Op, and other outlets will have all your basics and some specially items. Think about stopping by smaller specialty grocers for more variety, authentic products and in most cases a budget friendly price. 

Specialty Foods

Trader Joe’s-

2410 James St, Bellingham

Community Food Co-Op-

  • 1220 N Forest St, Bellingham
  • 315 Westerly Rd, Bellingham

The Market
8125 Birch Bay St., Blaine

Organic Meat

902 N State St


Hannegan Seafoods-
6069 Hannegan Rd, Bellingham

Barleans Seafood-
Corner Slater Rd and Lake Terrill Rd, Ferndale

Taylor Shellfish Farm-
6182 Chuckanut Dr, Bow 98232

Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics-

2460 Salashan Loop, Ferndale

Asian Food:

Asian Oriental Market
2408 Meridian St  Bellingham

European food:

Europa Foods

1863 Main St #109, Ferndale
3908 Meridian Street #112, Bellingham

Euro Market
4151 Meridian Street #117, Bellingham

Hispanic food

La Gloria Markets

  • 4140 Meridian St #100, Bellingham 
  • 2612 Maplewood Ave, Bellingham
  • 7310 Everson-Goshen Rd, Everson

My Rancho Meat Market

3092 Northwest Ave, Bellingham

Indian food

Intercontinental Foods
4564 Guide Meridian, Bellingham