Websites, Podcasts & Books



  • The Kitchn  – This site is a great resource for time-saving healthy recipes that are budget friendly.
  • Eating Well This site is all about healthy eating. You can also submit recipes for their evaluation.
  • Simply Recipes  – This site is a great place to find simple unique recipes when you are just starting out with scratch cooking. 
  • Tasty – This site is fun and colorful and includes instructional videos with the recipes. 
  • Sprouted Kitchen  – This site has more advanced recipes, but is a beautiful space for whole foods cooking. 
  • The Splendid Table – This site offer recipes to impress with fun new flavors and ingredients.


The Ultimate Health Podcast – hosted by Jesse Chappus & Marni Wasserman  each week they will take your health to the next level with their weekly podcast.

The Nourished Child – hosted by Jill Castle this podcast is great resource for child nutrition, feeding kids and kids health.

The Splendid Table– hosted by food writer Francis Lam this podcast is about all things food and a great resource for new recipes!


eat-well-100Manenica, Kathleen (project director) and Washington State University Extension staff. Eating Well for Less  . Washington State Dept of Social and health Services. 2012  Download a free copy:

  • This excellent publication gives a brief look into what your FMP is all about: saving money while cooking healthy meals. Their tips, tricks and recipes are a mini-version of our soon-to-be-published $10 Dollar Meals for a family of 6.

cook-whole-foodPirello, Christina. Cooking The Whole Foods Way. H. P. Books, 1997. 

  • Includes information about macrobiotics & Whole Foods. Macrobiotics is a way of life for people seeking to achieve balance and harmony from within. By eating a variety of natural, organic, plant-based foods  (with a little fish) and embracing a Zen-like spirituality, a balance of yin and  yang can be achieved, To read more see:

almost-veg Shaw, Diana. Almost Vegetarian:: A primer for cooks who are eating vegetarian  most of the time, fish some of the time and altogether Well all the time. Clarkston Potter. 1994

  • Even though published 20 years ago, Almost Vegetarian  is a timely primer for cooks who are flexitarians. Diana Shaw discusses cooking methods that preserve nutrients, and directories for veggies, fruit and seasonings. Recipes feature low-fat whole foods, yogurt, and vegetable proteins. Recipes are also included for using lean meat, poultry and fish. It’s a unique cookbook because it reads like a novel; fun and entertaining.

fifi-5-ingPellman Good, Phyllis. Fix-It and Forget-It: 5 – Ingredient Favorites. Good Books.2004

  • This is a collection of simple slow cooker recipes sent in by people throughout the US. Use your oven if you have no slow cooker. Make your own sauces and spice mixes to replace their processed ingredients if you prefer. 

slo-ck-bibleCrock Pot the original slow cooker. Slow Cooker Bible. Publications International Ltd.2010

  • The Slow Cooker Bible  has a short introduction about food safety, using a crock pot for different types of food and using thickeners. You learn cooking techniques by following their clear instructions to create over 200 entrees and side dishes. Their recipes use canned beans and tomatoes, natural spices and herbs ,plus some frozen vegetables. These shortcuts save time and energy but are easily substituted with fresh ingredients.

Ult-Soup-BibleSheasby, Anne, consulting editor. Over 50 recipe contributors. The Ultimate Soup Bible. Barnes and Nobel. 2005

  • The book starts with a 30-page glossary of potential soup ingredients with tips & tricks for using them in soups.
  • Step-by-Step illustrations of over 400 delicious soup recipes make cooking easy. However, some require a long list of ingredients.

meals-h-inflDaniluk, Julie. Meals that Heal Inflammation. Hay House Inc. 2012

  • In-depth discussion about how inflammation affects your health.  Balancing healthy foods (recipes are included)  with exercise and relaxation allows for healing and building natural body defenses.


cr-k-food-remedies Yeager, Selene. Editors of Prevention Magazine. The Doctors Book of Food Remedies. Rodale Press. revised 2007

  • A collaborative work with 700 pages of articles describing the healing power of food from Apples to Yogurt. Also presented are discussions and research on various conditions from Aging to Yeast infections. The important idea is that the phytonutrients  in certain food are necessary for healing and unfortunately lost when food is incorrectly prepared. I refer to this book as well as Prevention Magazine to keep abreast of new findings and then move on to source of the research