Poached Rock Cod

Pic of rock cod and vegetables

$10 meal with Deep water whitefish

We chose to use rock cod in this $10 meal because Fred Meyers had it on sale for $3.99 /lb, it’s nutritious, and delicious when lightly poached in wine or sauce, . Each 4 oz portion of fish is served with salad, home-made soup, steamed vegetables, brown rice and seasonal fruit if available to make it a well-rounded meal  ..

When poached in herbs and wine it is delicious and very nutritious Deep water white fish like cod and halibut feed in deep salt water and are generally free of heavy metals. Sandi Busch writes in Living Strong magazine that cod is rich in vitamin B6 and B12, omega 3 fatty acids, and contains almost all of the minerals our bodies need. Plus it is a complete protein. In other words, there are lots goodies in a small serving of cod fish.

When buying cod, have the butcher cut it into 3-4 oz pieces and wrap it in butcher paper after weighing it. If you choose to use it another day,label it and toss it into the freezer. A word of caution…if it smells funny, don’t buy it.

The Menu (for 6 people)

  • Poached rock cod   1 1/2 lb         $7.00
  • Brown rice               1 1/2 C         $0.50
  • steamed broccoli        1 lb            $1.19
  • Carrots                     1/2 lb from garden
  • Green salad                                $1.00
  • Soup  from planned-over veggies    $0.00
  • Gleaned blackberries                   $0.00
  • available this falll

Recipes taken from our book: “$10 Meals for a Family of Six” to be available this fall.:

Poached Fish

Ingredients    1 1/2 lbs deep water white fish

3 C fish or vegetable broth  1 C white wine

2 T herb bouquet (oregano, basil. dill)

  • 1. Wash fish,  pat dry, and cut into 4 oz portions. (if skin is on one side, make several slits through the skin to prevent curling or remove skin)
  • 2. In a large deep skillet or soup pot, combine broth, wine, (enough liquid to cover the fish) plus  herb bouquet.
  • 3. On medium heat, bring the liquid to about 180˚ or a nice simmer (no bubbles).
  • 4. Gently add fish and cook about 10 min ‘till just flakey (140˚). Carefully spoon out and place on plate to serve.

Tip: Make a sauce. Saute 2 cl garlic in 2 T oil.  Melt 1//4 cube butter in the same pan. Whisk about 1/4 C flour into the butter ‘till smooth. Add 3T lemon juice and 2C reserved broth (from the poaching liquid). Heat ’till thickened. Spoon over fish. Garnish with parsley or chives.

Steamed Brown rice is a basic rice recipe

Steamed Broccoli & Carrots;

  • Scrub carrots & wash broccoli
  • Place 1/2 C water and steamer basket in a soup pot
  • Bring water to a boil, throw veggies in, cover and steam until bright colored and slightly softened.

Soup:Gather and thaw planned-over veggies

Bring 6C soup stock (or water and 4 T Better Than Bullion)  to a boil in a pot

  • Add vegetables
  • Add seasoning of choice
  • Simmer until veggies are warmed

Salad  If you can not grow your own lettuce, buy a 5 lb bag of greens from a restaurant supplier. The coct hovers around $4 and will be enough for 5 meals. Dressings are a staple item and do not figure iin the meal cost.









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