Planned-Over Free Meal Idea #3

pic of a meal

Restaurants usually serve too much food, Here is a meal from the leftovers.

Here’s a tip for using restaurant left-overs. When dining out we like to go to grocery delis like the Community Food Coop or Safeway. They usually have a variety of salads, soup and Safeway offers Asian entrees. So, we took Asian home and enjoyed half of the Supreme Combination Meal. Then we boxed the rest for today’s free meal. Read more to see how I created a tasty salmon rice n noodle dinner:


We recommend that families try to keep enough food in the pantry to take advantage of a planned-over meal. When you have a supporting cast of ingredients you can create a wide variety of meals without traveling to the grocer. Here is an example:


Deli left-overs:

  • 1 1/2 C Asian rice   1C Udon noodles
A well-stocked pantry is useful when using planned-overs.

A well-stocked pantry is useful when using planned-overs.

From The Pantry: 

  • for salad: lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, dressing
  • For entree:  Oil, wine, cooked salmon, Better than Bouillon
  • Dessert; Cottage cheese  apples
  • Beverage: hot tea and lemon water

To prepare the entree  I thawed, while poaching, the salmon in oil, veggie stock and wine over medium heat. When reheated, the rice, noodles and some chopped cucumbers and sprouts were added.

Stirring while heating, the entree was quickly heated and served with salad and cottage cheese N apples