Senior Center

 The Ferndale Senior Center Volunteers from The Family Meals Project visit the Ferndale Senior Center on Thursdays each week. Wellness activities, inspired by suggestions from previous sessions, are planned and presented in a fun, care-free setting where everyone is encouraged to share ideas.  Here are some examples of activities we love and you could do […]

How To Clean and Cook Trout

Trout can be the center of a very budget-friendly meal, especially when caught by family members. More than that, there’s a feeling of pride by providing food for the table. With Washington State lowland lakes opening last weekend it is fitting to feature trout preparation and cooking. But don’t limit yourself to fishing for trout […]

A Well-Stocked Pantry: Final Thoughts

By donR 3/31/15 Okay, every pantry will be different. And when I say pantry I’m talking about cupboards, refrigerator, freezer, back room, or any place where you store food.  In parts one through four we have shared some ideas on stocking ingredients for healthy salads, soups, vegetables and sauces. Today, I will give you our […]

A well-Stocked Pantry: Part 2

Is Your Cupboard Filled with Cans of Soup? OK. Kids love chicken noodle, and alphabet soup. Canned soups are easy to store, require no refrigeration and are simple  to prepare. However food that comes in a can tend to be more expensive, contain lots of salt, preservatives and hidden sugar. The nutritional value is questionable […]

$10 Meal Challenge: Rejuvinating A Bland Pot Pie

By Don R  10/21/2014 last night I made a vegetable pot pie that looked great, and all for under $10. Then, I knew I was in trouble when my wife tasted my creation and said  “Honey…”  It looked beautiful when it came out of the oven and when serving it on plates but one taste […]

What’s A Cook-In? Cooking Class? Community Meal? Food to Go? Friendly Gathering?

Yep! All of the above. We hosted our first Cook-In and people were smiling as they stacked containers of prepared food to take home. But first, let’s share how the evening started. Don purchased food, set up cooking stations, and demonstrated how to prepare ingredients at each area. Everyone pitched in and 30 minutes later […]

Reading Recipes: Part 3, Follow it or Change it?

When you follow a recipe you get predictable results almost every time. Almost? Cooking is not an exact science because baking powder and spices can get old, your oven temperature can vary, you use white potatoes instead of Yukon Golds, or you whip the batter too much. Candy, like divinity,  has a way of turning […]