Our Authors

The Family Meals Program would not be possible without professional support from people in the health and food industries. 

FMP Founder Don Rieland: Don is the founder and creator of the Family Meals Project(FMP). He is a retired educator, having taught at all levels, he understands how people of all ages view wellness. His high school Biology and Health classes focused on principles that applied to personal health and environmental sustainability. He brought those same principles to the FMP. Don is the author of $10 Meals for a Family of Six  a cookbook he wrote for the FMP and was the host to several FMP events. Don may no longer be coordinating the FMP but he is still passionate about health and wellness concepts as they relate to food choices. He continues to contribute to the FMP and community ensuring the FMP’s mission is heard.

Don holds a BA degree in Education from WWU, with a Health and Physical Education concentration.

 Kelsi Pulve, FNTP: Kelsi’s first love is food! Funny thing about that is she was a pretty picky eater growing up and her cooking skills were sub par. One day she got a wild idea to become a pastry chef and decided to move to Seattle for culinary school. She graduated from the Seattle Culinary Academy in 2010. The program changed her life, giving her a new passion for food, and not just desserts! As well as, a new found knowledge of sustainable food practices and care for where her meals came from. As time went on,  she became more aware of what we put in our bodies matters. Realizing food must be doing more than just pleasing the palate. With that she went back to school to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association as an FNTP in 2018. Since her focus has been on sharing good healthy food with her friends, family and community. She is currently working for a local nutritional supplement company, further learning the benefits of nutrition for the body. 

Past Contributors:

Lisa Samuel: Lisa is a Registered Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in the way people think about food and the way they nourish their lives. https://www.lisasamuel.com/

Gabriel Claycamp:  Gabriel is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and creator of Cauldron Broths. https://cauldronbroths.com/

Teresa Rieland: Teresa provides personal chef and self-awareness counseling as a trained macrobiotic chef and educator.