One Pot Wonder: Glazed Green Beans and Sweet Potatoes

These roasted green beans and sweet potatoes can be glazed and served as a salad ...ot ..:read more

These roasted green beans and sweet potatoes can be glazed and served as a salad …ot ..:read more. from The Family Dinner Project

by donR  August 9, 2015

One Pot Wonders? Yes, we use skillets and slow-cookers for our one-pot meal workshops. After all they are pots, well kind of, so why not think of a shallow roasting pan as a pot?  One pot meals are simply those cooked  in one container;

  • Just toss in small, pre-cut vegetables a grain and/or a protein together with flavorings. 
  • Add a sauce or water and cook it.
  • Cleanup is certainly easy
  • ingredients can be prepared beforehand. .

Continue reading for a simple roasted one-pot meal:


The FDPWhile browsing through The Family Dinner Project website I found a recipe for green beans and sweet potatoes under the heading of “one pot meals” along with a long list of other one pot meals you might enjoy. Follow this link for the featured recipe which calls for  trimmed  green beans, chunks of sweet potato brushed with olive oil and spices. They are tossed in a shallow pan and roasted as per their directions. We enjoyed them after roasting but followed the recipe by glazing and cooling then for a tasty salad.

b-sp-modified-recipeBut , since I believe that if you’re going to make a mess, you might as well make a big mess, I sautéed some onions, mushrooms and Adelle’s apple chicken sausage to add to the original recipe. After bagging and labeling we now have enough for two more meals. serve  Serve a leafy-green salad, fruit and dairy on the side for a balanced meal. And don’t forget the pure water.