Mom said “Eat your veggies.”‘ But are some better for you?

Which of these vegetables  are the best nutritionally?

Which of these vegetables are the best nutritionally?

The Simple answer is “Yes!”  But to say which ones are better requires that you know why you are eating them in the first place. Now the question becomes very complicated. I’ll try to simplify the answer and tell you which are better for you. Bear with me while I share some history:

Over the years I have witnessed fad diets come and go, TV ads coaxing people to drink Geritol for tired blood and use margarine because it’s made from vegetables.  Since then, the food labeling laws gave the public more information but complicated things by reducing food to grams of protein and % of RDA…whatever that means.

By contrast, Asians have understood  for centuries that some foods have healing power for the body, other foods heal the mind and spirit. Some are yin or yang. contractive or expansive, alkaline or acidic.  Therefore, to answer the question, one needs to know whether it’s the body, mind or spirit that needs healing or nourishment. You can learn more about macrobiotic principles at Food Santa  Cruz 

A simple way to plan your meals is to use the dinner plans at  Decide how many calories you need each day, click on the chart for your age group, and it will tell you how much to consume in each food category. Use a lot of different natural foods in each category. If you are making big changes in your eating plan, consult a doctor.

Now, to finally answer the question, I’ll assume that most health-conscious people are seeking:

  • Foods that are natural,
  • Foods low in saturated fat
  • Plant foods not packed with simple sugars.

Now for the above criteria, you can answer the question, “Are some veggies better for you than others?”

  • All of these veggies are natural so they are all fine. ‘
  • Saturated fat comes from animals and dairy (except cocoa butter, coconut and palm oil) so all of these veggies are fine
  • Root vegetables contain sugar so the carrots would not pass the sugar test but the others are fine! ( onions are bulbs, not roots.)
  •   to read more see

One parting thought: If you are looking for foods packed with fiber and vitamins, carrots would be fine. by DonR  Reference  Prevention Magazine

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