Meal Planning: All About Making Choices

planning300xMeal planning is all about making choices. Every family has different needs but there are some general ideas that may help you make informed decisions about your meal plan.

  • Nutritionists would agree that there are better choices for meals than a steady diet of Top Ramen® or fast food hamburgers. Processed and fast foods can contain preservatives, added sugar, irradiated meat scraps, dyes, and refined salt, to name a few unnatural ingredients.
  • You can, instead,  have simple green salad, light soup, and a meal cooking in your slow cooker ready when you get home. These can include lean proteins, natural carbohydrates, necessary unsaturated fats and micronutrients.
  • The best food to include in your meal plan actually look like it came from the field or tree (closest to the source). These are whole foods. Serve a wide variety of lightly cooked vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, natural fruits, oil and nuts. The FMP is dedicated to giving you tips on how to include whole foods in your menus. When using processed foods, choose those with natural ingredients listed first and limit foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Plan meals with the whole family involved. Do what seems appropriate and in your comfort zone. The important consideration is to offer a variety of colorful wholesome foods.
  • If you already cook at home and use natural ingredients, we hope you will share your experiences on our forum.

Your Challenge:  Think about how you can make a plan that works for your family. For starters, how about picking up a 5 lb bag of washed Romaine salad mix and a bottle of vinaigrette dressing? Serve it every day with some chopped veggies, fruit, seeds or nuts for variety.

  Stay tuned for specific ideas for saving money and adding healthier foods to your meal plan. Coming up next are posts about adding salad and soup to your plan plus excerpts from our book $10 Meals for a Family of Six:

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