Light Soup: The Supplement for Supplements

picture of soup

Egg drop soup is light and healthy.

Just ten years ago the dietary food supplement industry was one of the fastest growing businesses in America with sales topping 17 billion dollars per year according to US government statistics. But George Ohsawa pioneered the macrobiotic philosophy of living which draws upon natural whole foods and non-stressful living skills to promote health. The macrobiotic way avoids most vitamin and mineral supplements.You too can use natural food as a supplement to the supplemental pills if you do it wisely. Before changing your food and supplement plan, consult your doctor, do the research and listen to your body. 

If you want to use more natural foods in your meal plan, think about using them in soups every day. There are several reasons why:

  • Soup can aid the digestion of your dinner. Miso and buttermilk (acidophiles) have been used in soups for years to prepare the stomach for the foods to follow.
  • Thin broth hydrates your body so you eat less solid food. This is a way to promote weight loss if needed.
  • It’s a simple way to meet “My Plate” recommendations. Vegetables can be hidden in soup so children will slurp them up and ask for more.
  • Soup can be packed with phytonutrients. Simply add leafy greens or seaweed to the soup while cooking.
  • There are lots of varieties that are downright delicious and healing. I still remember my mother and grandmother giving me chicken broth when sick as a youngster. Those folk remedies really work!
  • Many soup recipes can be made at very little cost. Use planned-over food scraps, water and home-made stock to make a free soup. In fact make a gallon of soup so you will have extra for several more meals.

Before getting to the soup recipes, consider this comparison. The George Mateljan group has done independent research to make a list of the 125 healthiest foods.

Then, on one of my favorite sites:  The Mayo Clinic   compare the Mayo Clinic soup recipes to Mateljan’s list of the World’s most healthy foods. They both recommend the same foods. Therefore, by serving soup using the Mayo Clinic recipes, you are indeed serving a lot of the World’s healthiest foods in a way that is easy to digest.

You can find these recipes in the Mayo Clinic website.

Bean and legume recipes

  1. Gazpacho with garbanzo beans
  2. Minestrone soup
  3. Chili
  4. White chicken chili
  5. Tuscan white bean stew
  6. Miso soup with watercress and shiitakes
  7. Split pea soup
  8. Three-bean chili
  9. Cream of wild rice soup
  10. Vegetarian chili

Fish and shellfish recipes

  1. Clam chowder

Fruit recipes

  1. Pumpkin soup
  2. Curried cream of tomato soup with apples
  3. Potato soup with apples and brie cheese

Pasta recipes

  1. Gingery chicken noodle soup

Poultry and meat recipes

  1. Home-style turkey soup
  2. Chili
  3. White chicken chili
  4. Beef stew with fennel and shallots
  5. Gingery chicken noodle soup
  6. Chicken adobo soup with bok choy
  7. Easy chicken stock

Rice and grain recipes

  1. Chicken adobo soup with bok choy
  2. Wild rice mushroom soup
  3. Cream of wild rice soup

Vegetable recipes

  1. Carrot soup
  2. Gazpacho with garbanzo beans
  3. Home-style turkey soup
  4. Cold potato-leek soup (vichyssoise)
  5. Creamy asparagus soup
  6. Curried cream of tomato soup with apples
  7. Potato soup with apples and brie cheese
  8. Potato-fennel soup
  9. Zesty tomato soup
  10. Miso soup with watercress and shiitakes
  11. Fresh tomato soup with crispy herb toasts
  12. Curried carrot soup
  13. Summer vegetable soup
  14. Roasted squash soup