Let’s talk Turkey: Pt 1

Picture of a turkey dinner

Turkeys are inexpensive in November. Buy enough to use throughout the year and freeze them.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Part 1, Buying Your Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving season and a great time to buy turkeys on sale. But… be careful about those specials offering a $0.49 per pound turkey when you buy $150 in groceries. In fact there are lots of things to consider when it comes to turkeys like how big to buy, planning, safety, cooking and using planned-overs. These will be topics for the next 5 days. Part 1 lists 5 ideas about buying a turkey:

  • When buying a turkey figure about a pound  per person or more if you want extra for other meals. Think of the turkey as a condiment and the veggies as the main course.
  • Buy two smaller turkeys (like 12 lbs.) instead of one twenty-four pounder. Smaller ones cook faster, stay moist, and are easier to handle.
  • If cooking for a few people, it may be easier and less expensive to buy parts rather than a whole bird.
  • If possible, buy a free range natural turkey for better flavor. Read the ingredients to see if it is injected with flavorings or salt.
  • Frozen is less expensive but allow up to 5 days to thaw in your fridge. Butterball just announced that they have only half of their usual inventory of fresh turkeys so prices for fresh will be higher.

How long can you store a frozen turkey? We’ll address that thought in part three.

For more information visit the Global Gourmet site and read “The Perfect Turkey Handbook” by Kate Heyhoe