Let’s Talk Turkey: Parts 1-5 Revisited

by donR November 23, 2015

5 Tips & Tricks for better turkeys

5 Tips & Tricks for better turkeys

Two years ago we wrote a series of articles about choosing, preparing, and serving a turkey for budge-friendly holiday meals. We went on  to suggest safe  ways to use turkey and side dishes for several planned-over meals. Since that time we’ve picked up 5 more tips and tricks we want to share with you as well as review the 5-part series

Here are five Tips N Tricks I picked up during our Cook-Ins and Sr. Center activities. I’ve tried some and had mixed results because of differences in turkeys and heating sources. Our family has used large roasters for over 60 years so  for us, there seems no reason to change.  However, If you need a new method, here are some suggestions:

  • Wash, add spices and cook your turkey in a cooking bag. We used this method in our Cook-In last year and they were deliciously moist. Follow directions that come with the bag. From Sherry
  • To get an even brown color and help turkey thighs and breast to reach safe temperatures at the same time, start cooking with the back-side up, then turn the turkey over and finish with the breast-side up. Keep it well-basted. From Kay
  • Make your turkey self-basting by  loosening skin covering the breast, Reach under the skin and lather with melted butter and spices. It cooks faster because you do not lose heat while basting. From Don
  • The deep-fried turkeys we tasted five years ago was very moist and tasty. A well-known box store had the burner and pot on sale for under $50. The cooker can be used for cooking clams, crabs, or corn as well as turkey. Before you try this, read the directions carefully to keep yourself safe. I suggest you not do this with children nearby.
  • Our 5th tip is to host a cook-in with your family. Cook together, eat some and box the rest to take home.

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Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving

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